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The Centre for New Public Education has joined with NGO leaders, members of the Gonski panel, school associations, principals, teachers, parents and community members to form the Need to Succeed Alliance. 

We are calling on all Australian governments to implement sector-neutral needs-based school funding better known as the 'Gonski' school funding reforms.

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The Centre for New Public Education would like to congratulate our 2013 Student ShoutOut winners - Kathy, Alex L, Alex T and Adam from Miller Technology High School in Sydney. These students ran a very successful campaign to start mental health awareness days in their school, opening up a conversation about mental health to help other students in their school. In recognition of their outstanding achievement, the team were invited to Melbourne for a three-day internship with CNPE and the Work Inspirations program at FYA.

Students at the Centre 


In July 2013 a network of education, government and enterprise leaders came together for Teach for Australia's TransformEd conference to explore 'what it will take to achieve educational excellence for every child.'

FYA CEO Jan Owen AM and CNPE Director Ricky Campbell-Allen delivered the keynote speech, advocating why students should be both stakeholders and partners in education reform.


The Centre for New Public Education (CNPE) is an advocacy initiative dedicated to building a fairer and future focused education system for all young Australians.

We do this by using a range of tactics, including stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and convening alliances.

We advocate for:

1.  A fairer education system

2.  A future focused education system

3.  A system where young  

     people are shaping their education

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